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8 Ways To Get Paid From Distributing XFT

1. RETAIL SALES (Paid Monthly)

Retail sales are at the forefront of the LivElite International opportunity. As a LivElite International Distributor, when you sell product to retail customers (who are not Preferred Customers) in person or via your personalized website, you earn the difference between the wholesale price and the selling price. Products ordered from the website are sold to customers at the Suggested Retail Price and the commissions earned are paid monthly.
Example: A customer places a web order for product paying the retail price of $165. The wholesale price for this product is $130. The distributor will earn $35 (the difference between retail $165 and $130 wholesale)


Preferred Customer commissions are pivotal to a solid residual income. As your customers come to love these amazing products, they have the opportunity to order the products at a discount, provided they go on LivElite International’s AutoShip program. This benefits the customer significantly by offering them a discount on the products, as well as the opportunity to participate in customer incentive programs like our AutoShip Rewards Program. As a distributor, any personally sponsored Preferred Customer order generates a 25% commission from the purchase price of the product.  
Example: A customer signs up for a $130 Product AutoShip (this is the wholesale or Preferred Customer price), turning them into a Preferred Customer. The Distributor attached to this Preferred Customer earns a Preferred Customer commission of 25% of $130, which is $32.50


Unilevel Team Commissions are the foundation for a stable residual income! Build a solid Distributor and customer base and receive commissions each month from product orders and/or re-orders generated in your organization down to nine (9) levels deep.


Binary Team Commissions are an integral part of the LivElite International Compensation Plan. The Binary Team is derived from a dynamic structure that compensates you for successfully generating sales volume within your Binary Tree (Placement Tree) and motivating your downline to do the same. Earn on the sales of those distributors you, your up line, and your down line place within your Placement Tree.
The Binary Tree has two sides, a Left Team and a Right Team, either of which can be the Power Leg (Strong Leg) or the Pay Leg (Lesser Leg) on any given commissionable period. The LivElite International Compensation Plan allows you to earn up to 20% on the group volume (GV) of the Pay Leg


Earn Check-Matching Bonuses of up to 20% on the Unilevel Team Commissions of your personally sponsored Distributors. Plus, earn up to 10% Check-Matching bonuses on up to three (3) additional generations. Generations are based on MVP rank compression.
Check-Matching Bonuses encourage Sponsors to mentor and help develop distributors deep within their organization. This bonus pays on the activity of your Unilevel Tree. Therefore, the placement of a downline distributor within your Binary Team structure does not affect your Check-Matching Bonus payout.

6. SPONSOR BONUSES (Paid Weekly)

The Sponsor Bonus is a great way to start earning money immediately. As you build your team with LivElite International, each time you sponsor a new Distributor that purchases a qualifying Starter Kit, you will earn between $25 to $100 on each Kit sold. There are no limits to the number of Starter Kits you can sell. The actual amount of this bonus depends upon the qualifying Kit sold and the published bonus amount of that Kit.

7. UPLINE BONUSES (Paid Weekly)

The Upline Bonus rewards you for spending your valuable time to help your personally enrolled Distributors succeed with LivElite International. This bonus is paid on up to two (2) levels of your Unilevel Team.
Level 1: As you help your personally enrolled Distributors sponsor new Distributors into the business with a qualifying Starter Kit, you will earn a cash bonus based on each qualifying Starter Kit sold.  There are no limits to the number of people they can sponsor. The actual amount of this bonus depends upon the qualifying Kit sold and the published bonus amount of that Kit.
Level 2: This bonus is also paid on the next level of Distributors on your team. All new Distributors that your Level 3 people sponsor with a qualifying Kit will earn a cash bonus.


The Leadership Bonus Pool is for distributors who achieve the Diamond rank or higher. The Distributor shares a percentage of the Bonus Pool based on their rank.

How To Start Distributing XFT


Click on ‘SELL XFT’ at the top of this page.  You will be redirected to www.liveliteintl.com where you will see the brand ‘LivElite International’ displayed. The page is labelled ‘Quick Start Sign-up’


Select your country from the first box.  If your country does not appear please contact us.  Enter your email address in the second and third boxes.  Select your password in the fourth box and click on ‘Next’

Starter Kit

Select a starter kit and monthly auto ship.  This auto ship will help you to stay active as a distributor.  Select a website subscription (optional),your shipping information. and a payment method for your commisions

Registration Complete

After registering you can view your new website using the name that you will have selected.  You can contact us for information regarding the delivery of your kit.  We can then commence training.