Here is your invite

Hello, consider this your official invitation for a free demonstration on how to make money easily selling products online using The DV Proposition. The key is to create an offer someone cannot resist by including other elements outside the product itself in an offer. The DV Proposition stands for The Double Value Proposition.

The Make Money Strategy

My strategy is to offer free access to my main business in return for buying my products or joining my network marketing business. By buying my products online, you get access to a business that makes more money than what you buy my products for.

The question you are asking is why am I offering you this deal? The answer is below:

1) I cannot make more money by keeping the information about my main business to myself. To make more money from my main business I would have to use more money than I am willing to risk – which does not make sense to me
2) Selling products online is difficult so I came up with The DV Proposition to make selling products online easier for myself. An example of a difficult product to sell is found here and here

In essence, I get to expand the use of the information from my main business (the information I can no longer use) to help the second business expand – Is that genius or what?

The money I would have to invest in marketing and free trials among other tactics so as to convince people to buy my products online will now be saved thanks to The DV Proposition. Who would want a free sample when you are offering someone the chance to make money by joining you? The result – you make money easily by selling products online, with minimal costs.

Signup for a demonstration

The main business is such a success that I am willing to demonstrate how I make the money. I do not want to talk about past achievements I want you to see how I do it in real time. I am sure that will give you more value.

Send me an email from my contact page so that I can show you, over a period of 10 days, how my main business makes money. If you like what you see you can join me. What I ask for in return if you join is that you buy my products – that is The DV Proposition.

That way I am selling products online without even expanding on the product itself.

The idea is that the main business will fund your product purchases leaving you with extra money on the side. If you make $500 from the main business and then buy my products online or join my network marketing business for $100 it means that you have two businesses that you started for ‘free’, with some change left over to do whatever you like.

I put free in quotes because there is still an element of risk involved like in any other business.

You are still required to use your capital by the way! Nothing is free, except climbing a tree.

Joining the two elements, with the main business attracting clients thanks to crazy value proposition, has made it easy to make money from selling products online. People get attracted to the profits from the main business so much they are willing to buy products that you are selling, regardless of what those products are. It’s a win-win scenario.

Remember, you also get to use, or resell the products that you buy from me.

Wait, there is more!

In the case that you join my network marketing business, I will let you use my main business to attract people to your network as well. If you decide to also sell what I am selling I you can attract your customers using the same deal that I am offering you. At that point you will be making money from me, and from your own customers.

Most people who talk about how you can make money use examples of what has happened in the past. My friend, someone’s past success will not determine what happens in your future. I am not going to come through and talk of stories. I will create the proof of my concept with you in real time, if you let me.

Watch as I show you how to make money easily selling products online
Watch as I show you how to make money easily selling products online

If you are interested in seeing my concept in action go to my contact page and send me an email. I will then add you to my mailing list then you can witness how easy it is to make money selling products online.